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The Sunworld Dynasty Hotel (Tianlun Wangchao Jiudian) is situated in the bustling Wangfujing commercial area and grants guests convenient access to popular Beijing attractions like the Forbidden City and Tian'anmen Square. Additionally,  this hotel is easily accessible by bus or by metro. The Dynasty Plaza,  regarded the largest atrium plaza in the Asia-Pacific region,  proves to be a nice choice for both business and leisure occasions.[View Detail]    

住客评论 5174条评论     4.5分/5分 更多
  • aiyou050505
    It wasn't too bad
  • colory
    This is every time I come to Beijing will be live hotels. worthy of five stars and prices. Wangfujing shopping district regardless of traffic or consumption is Gold zone, which surrounds all over the hotel, on the cost-effective tianlun dynasty Supreme!
  • lf8281
    Customer satisfaction is good
  • bluerainbow
    Very good rooms not large
  • islandnet
    Hotel is good, transportation and shopping easier.
  • e02389441
    Location is good, the environment is also good.
  • gongyan
    Room was small, around the traffic is very convenient. After all, Wangfujing. old five-star, decoration long, service was very good. swimming pools open at any time. the buffet is not recommended, fewer people, fewer dishes.
  • alancui
    Shop location is very good, they go out the Wangfujing Street, off dengshikou station is the subway station recently.
  • grace317
    Clean, sanitary, and close to the Wangfujing Street, convenient, very good hotel, next to
  • stanla
    So so
  • t1234a
    Each to Beijing only will live in family dynasty. as regulars, I sincerely of to family dynasty points praise, in this downtown of lots around are is thousand Yuan above five-star hotel, family dynasty insisted with more than 800 more Yuan floating, internal decoration Super rod, worthy of five-star. I to everyone a advice, if didn't can staying family dynasty, do don't to live next door of family Pine Crane, two home seems is a system Yes, but staying feel heaven underground! don't to that one hundred or two hundred of cheap, that wineStore special old room, five hundred or six hundred, losing.
  • lianyia
    Veteran five-star location, facilities and design is not new, but high cost. the Middle courtyards natural light is very beautiful
  • fengling12345
    Very good location, very convenient, hotel services are good
  • daivddu
    Hotels along the road but very quiet, the receptionist at the front desk service very nice, next time you will choose to stay.
  • ao704
    All right
  • E03725612
    Staff, hotel very clean! around the convenience!
  • yantengfei88
    That's good
  • e00740199
    Very nice hotel, convenient, go out the Wangfujing pedestrian street. the check in process is a little surprise, lost the bag in the baggage car, and after communication with the hotel and found! hope not to happen this screwup!
  • jason128
    Come again
  • Annie9696
    Almost before breakfast than. service level seems to be less.
  • tom_19940809
    For elderly people, overall evaluation was very good, location the best room quiet and clean staff very polite, to communicate with their parents happy, only that check-in staff at the main station are a little stiff, this Northern girl's style?
  • pennyxc
    Good location, the room is too small
  • finestyle
    Hotel is very good, especially surrounding environment, going out is very busy, there are plenty of snacks and Church are in the hotel's other hotels in Wangfujing Street where price, also is understandable that, next time I will choose dynasty Sunworld Hotel.
  • Popsical
    Good location. transportation. is the room small. the breakfast is also very good
  • luxia
    Room too small ... ...
  • gujing2567
    Which is very nice!
  • Ada Maomao
    Each trip to Beijing to have chosen this hotel, the location, service, facilities are good in every respect.
  • atpadp
    Continue to support, to Beijing will choose hotel, good service
  • e02008394
    Hotel is nice, clean and tidy and connections are fast and service was good ... will stay again.
  • ilona0412
    Nice hotel in old love.
  • a19900900a
    Hotel Wangfujing, the forbidden city, Tiananmen Square is close, it's also convenient. it's inner ring, very quiet, southerners are not fit air conditioning, we were off the air conditioning to sleep at night and felt cool. waiters are polite and kind ... only do not understand is the hotel out of taxis refusing hire serious, but has nothing to do with the hotel.
  • Justin
    On the surrounding environment, design style.
  • sunmaymay
    Great health is not wrong
    Excellent environment, manage well. give customers better prices.
  • simon1586
    Very good location, very convenient.
  • summerleafy
    Nice hotel with breakfast can also live very comfortable! clean
  • luyu750901
    All right
  • vivianjing
    Hotel is great, the service was excellent, pool not found!
  • ALLEN0101
    Nice live very comfortable, eating can also, more Western Chinese cuisine has satisfied!
  • ccnu2009
    Room environment is good facilities also is is complete of lots is Rod service personnel also are is has courtesy but was is happy of once travel all because cafeteria of one Manager make of is upset should is Manager's black suit is young is who I not named has I wants to through this way told you please don't wearing blinkers see people this I is with elderly out play of elderly thrift habits has I are is secretly of pay money fear Grandpa know price hasDistressed money you need in we table side reprimanded ledger of waiter didn't told I price did you need stressed 2,581 bit did not she didn't told I is I deliberately go of soon you told I this is waiter of dereliction of I wants to told you waiter of dereliction of you can find opportunities told she waiter on not need respect has did please remember! respect is not points identity status of in front of guest training waiter show you of posts? stressed you of price show you of superiority? I all of dining are is in you Hotel does not think has more your this during I encountered all of waiter are than you strong too more you a sentence 2,581 bit matter scare of elderly are can't eat things has has been asked I what how many money I really of not know you whether learn had hotel management caring you also has Grandpa to knows respect elderly and just foreigners! objective evaluation family dynasty integrated for also is is good of if has opportunities ifGrandpa allows us also to wish is booming-
  • BigBro
    Reasonable price, good location, room was clean, warm service, for such lots, really is great value at this price, will choose the next time.
  • icedrive
    All right
  • andre_duan
    Very nice hotel, clean very clean
  • meic66
    So so
  • bawang
    Location close to Wangfujing Street, shopping is very convenient, is still around in the evening quiet. Metro near point, didn't bring much luggage problems are slim. Valet drop by taxi is very convenient.
  • feiba
    Excellent service, rooms are a little small, waiter was good and helped me to push the bike up the stairs, good live. the facilities are fine. in Wenzhou, Wenzhou, from Inner Mongolia to ride back, all the way to five-star hotels, this give me a good impression. surrounding is also very convenient, they go out the Wangfujing Street.
  • e00141209
    Great location very convenient ...
  • A wine guy
    Good location good price
  • bowyee
    Is good, is more convenient check-in and check-out sort of wrestled with hope
  • trinity